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Swelling face, low blood pressure and hemoroid

I’m not particularly sick, but having low pressure (approximately 86x63). My concern is my face is really swelled when stay in bad longer. I see its after late dinner, but anyway there’s something wrong about, my face stays changed for most of the day, every one can notice it and I feel fatigue. There are also arrythmias of heart beat occuring, I’m making an appointment to the cardioligist. My bowels arent also working well. Im 41 and think I shouldn’t be on such condiotion just beacause of the age.
Do you have any idea, what may be the causes?
How to treat?
Being stressed is not probably helpful, but I’m trying to resolve it.
Can you please help me?

Personally, I would wait until you are seen by the cardiologist to really figure out what you might do. You should also have an extensive thyroid workup including thyroid antibodies as well as other standard blood markers.

What you are describing sounds like angioedema which is often, but not always, more of an allergic reaction (akin to hives) than anything related to the cardiovascular system. In other words, the facial swelling may not be related to your other issues at all.

Certainly if the bowels are working poorly this at least leads to disruptions in the inflammatory/immune functions of the body. But by “not working well” what does that mean exactly? and what have you tried to resolve that?

Along with the last set of questions and idea of your daily diet would be useful as well. And, ultimately, along with western lab analysis have you see a Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area? If not, that would be the place to start.

I would definitely have your heart arrhythmias checked by a cardiologist. It may be nothing serious but it could be A Fib which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Another type of effective treatment that you might not be aware of is Colorpuncture, or colored light on the acupoints of the body. The colored light penetrates deep into the cells to produce changes at the cellular level. This is evident on a Kirlian camera. I’m a practitioner and can’t believe what it has done for my cancer patients.

But see a cardiologist too!

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