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Sweating for Covid Initial Stage?

I understand that sweating can be used to treat wind-cold invasions of the lungs at the initial stages. I’m not a practitioner, but symptoms of Covid seem to be similar to wind-cold invasion of the lungs.

Sweating can be induced with a combination of fresh ginger and brown sugar. This can be done if there is no sweating, just as symptoms appear.

Is sweating a valid treatment for initial stage Covid? If so, if someone knows they have been exposed, can they apply sweating before symptoms appear? Are there any contraindications? Thanks

Possibly? the reality is we just don’t have it all worked out yet. That said the strategies presented in my blog post on tcm covid treatment strategies covers what I feel are the most accurate based on clinical research, experience of practitioners in China, and what I’ve done with my patients (although thankfully we haven’t see much of it yet in our own patient base).

The general consensus from Chinese practitioners was that it was not at all a wind-cold invasion but a damp in the intestines pattern. As we learn more, along with what is in that article, even blood stasis formulas such as xue fu zhu yu wan may be useful at some point to aid the potential cardiovascular/cardiac implications.

So for the average cold, yes, in many cases formulas that release the exterior and/or techniques that drive sweating would be useful. For covid - probably not. It is unlikely to be harmful for many people, but for the older patients at most risk of bad symptoms it could very well be counterproductive as it can weaken them at a point where they need all the strength they have.

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Thank you Chad. :slightly_smiling_face:

While the forumlas you mention for treating the initial stage may help, a problem is that along with Covid restrictions, acupuncture and herbal clinics are often getting shutdown, so prescribed herbal treatments may not be available. Online prescription might be an option, but a patient might easily go past the initial stage by the time their formula arrives.

What about a dietary approach? The sweat-inducing properties of fresh ginger might be useless, but the damp-drying properties would seem to help. I’m guessing that avoiding damp foods like dairy products, sugar, egg, soy, etc., and adding some other damp drying foods might help.

You are correct that it might be hard for many to get the herbs when they are needed. This article, “basic supplements could limit covid-19 progression” discusses fairly well validated approaches upon initial symptoms that anyone could get at a local store/pharmacy.

Generally keeping inflammation and dampness down (via diet/lifestyle) and possibly taking daily vitamin D seem to be the best eastern+western approach for general prevention.

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