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Swallowing Issues


Dear Mr. Dupuis,

I am writing on behalf of my dad, who is recovering from a minor stroke, creating vision, speech and swallowing abilities.

My dad and I came across your article on “Top 5 Tinnitus Acupressure Points All Acupuncturists Use”. After applying your method on “Shuai Gu” and “Feng Chi”, his vision has miraculously improved, thus his balance as well.

After speaking to a lady at your number, we were encouraged to open an account to submit further questions. After exhausting your web, we still could not find the point to improve my dad’s swallowing ability. We would be most grateful if you would grace us the Point to improve my dad’s swallowing ability.

Note: My dad had been healthy for twenty years without any illness, except once every two years a cold that could be fixed by a PM Tylenol. But, recently he was struck with such misfortune. Luckily, after a brief treatment at a local hospital, he is now able to walk and function, and yet with noticeable deficiencies and clumsiness. The primary concern now is get him back to eat as a normal human being.

Again, with many many hearty thanks,



And you are asking for acupressure points correct? not acupuncture?

I would start by recommending you read my general article for the Chinese Medicine treatment of stroke from our perspective.

Recovery from stroke can be slow, so you do have to be patient. Often some areas will improve quickly and others can be very slow to come around - it just depends on what paths were damaged and how well the brain can re-route and/or repair these paths.

If you are just doing acupressure, I strongly recommend that you find a practitioner in your local area and see them, it can make a huge difference. That said, some massage and acupressure at GV 20, through sore areas in the windows of the sky points, notably SI 16 and/or SI 17, and at the huatuo of C4 (mouth) and C5 (throat) should help.


Dear Mr. Dupuis,

Thank you for your very prompt response and extremely helpful guidance. However, given our limited knowledge and experience, it has taken us many hours to exhaust the references referred to in your outstanding article.

Since we live in California, and I am unaged, we cannot travel to your place for further treatment at this moment. However, as soon as my dad has recovered enough, we plan to take a trip to visit you for expressing our hearty thanks and for getting further treatment from you.

In the meantime, I have found (i) CV 24 for speech & swallowing, and CV 23 for speech, and (ii) ST 4 for Bell Palsy, among others. We are still trying to ascertain the different symbols used for CV, ST, LV, GB, etc. Maybe you can shed some light on this. We have applied CV 23 and 24 so far and found encouraging signs of improvements.

Your website, as is, is outstanding. Nevertheless, after repeated using, we will like to make some suggestions as follows:
In English: xxxxx Location: xxxxx

In Chinese: xxxxx Image: xxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx

Of course, all charts and indices must be cross-referenced for easy access and comprehensive coverage.

Again, with many many thanks for your generous and graceful help and we look forward to continuing advice, if possible and manageable for you,

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