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Surrogate tapping?


My father is ill with pancreatic cancer. He is too far away from classes to attend himself (and too worn out ). Can I go in his place as his surrogate and have the energy directed to him and his specific health issues?

Thanks so much for help with this.



While you should go to the class, there is technically no need for a "surrogate." You can simply ask that we work on him. In larger classes we often don't do many remote people, as they are intended for the people in the class, but generally if we have time we will. Ideally, he will have asked for your help, is aware of the class/techniques and what time it is at, and is not busy doing other things during the class time.

There are also a number of therapists who offer distance healing over the telephone, and there is a series of conference calls that happen every week for people who are not near a class. You can ask about these options in the class.


Thank you so much, Chad. I will look into all of the above.


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