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Summer Arthritis



Really Need your expert help and TCM for - Summer Arthritis and in which pain & inflammation get increase after taking food like curd, lemon, pickle, orange. Patient is also experiencing hotness in foot and mainly he is experiencing problem in toes.

Eagerly wait for your reply.


What is the patients overall diagnosis with supporting signs and symptoms (i.e. tongue, pulse, other related issues)?

What have you tried already and why do you feel it isn&#39t working? If you haven&#39t tried anything yet, what is your current treatment plan with justifications for approaches?

This way we can help you more thoroughly.


As i am not very good in tongue and pulse diagnosis. But the other symptoms I noticed are -

Liking Cold food and whether, sometime due to inflammation in toes and foot joints he use to place wet towel on foot to get relief, I noticed bone degenerative changes in foot toes, Access Urination in day+nigh, Normal Sleep, Water intake max 2-3 Lit, Appetite is good.

I tried – UB67,62,61,GB33,34,39,SP4,6,K3,4,ST43,36,35,CV6,CV4.

By above treatment he got relieve in foot joint inflammation and pain but after taking those particular food, issue got increase at extreme level.

I hope above description might help you to understand.

Really Thanks for help.


Have you tried the diagnoses/points on our acupuncture for arthritis page? Particularly the febrile bi syndrome section...

To help you further, at least a description of the patients tongue would be helpful. Red with yellow coat, pale with white coat, purple?


You are actually 100% correct as after confirming and studying past history it is confirmed that the patient was having gout in past due to high alcohol consumption, and which has been recovered so much due to change in lifestyle, and at this point of time it is just looking like regenerative arthritis.

Further I will send you the tongue detail.

Thanks allot pointing me to right direction

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