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Suggestion for a number of minor (and acute) skin issues


Whenever I get a breakout of Eczema, it has usually been after too much sun. So, this is NOT the case now. I am also having recurrent ringworm on the inside fold of my arm/elbow despite using antifungals. Plus, I am having a purpura-looking rash on my chest. Also feeling very, very stiff in the front of my neck/throat.

Any suggestions?? smiley


You need see a TCM doctor for detail diagnosis of tongue and pulse.


As Feng states, you should see a fully trained professional to get proper treatment. Skin conditions can have a variety of causes, both internal and external, and proper diagnosis is key. You can read our skin issues page for related information on our site. The point LI 11 may help with some itching and tea tree oil may help eliminate the ring worm - other than that you need to see someone.


Thanks guys. I do feel pretty good though other than the skin issues that seem to be popping up.


My initial inclination is that it is some sort of damp state (or wind) coming to the surface as the weather here has been rather damp as of late, so I have taken upon my own wellbeing to avoid all damp foods and wheat.

Is Bai Ji Li perhaps okay to take for most skin issues like this?


Bai Ji Li: Taste bitter, spicy. Nature is normal. Energy go into liver meridians. Function: sooth liver Qi, dispeal wind and clear eyes. It usually for wind eczema cause itchy skin, and must use into a herbal formula can effective.


I see. Thanks for your advice!


Apparantly, the chronic rash around my chest is likely due to lung yin def and/or stasis around my chest.

Since I began to get visible broken capillaries under my chest and wrapping around my back when I was 17, I am inclined to feel that stasis in involved.

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