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Sugar points


Where are they?? I don't get the idea/concept

What do they treat??

How do you know to use them???

Tahnks, Bill


I'm not familiar with those points. If you can tell me what style of acupuncture or reference you have for the term I can probably go into more detail about the points.


Hi Chad,

I am finishing a course at Harvard of 21 year duration. I think KIKO and or Dr Audette mentioned them. It is supposed to be traditional Chinese and Japenese acupncture. Does that help???????

Misty/ Bill


Based on your other questions, I guessed it was a Kiiko term. She has a way of categorizing points, some of which are translations of traditional categories and others are simply for her own usage. My guess here is that this is a category that she has created for her own style of acupuncture. While based in Japanese acupuncture, Kiiko technically has her own style of acupuncture - so the terminology she uses, along with the point protocols are often only known by people familiar with her system.


Thank you soo much


To Chad/Misty

The sugar points do indeed refer to Kiiko Matsumoto's style of Acupuncture. It's part of Kiikos' "Blood Sugar Imbalance Protocol", after palpating the Abdomen around left Kid5/16, right St22, right Liv14 and Huatuo T11/12 for areas of tension/pain/tightness the following points would be chosen:


Sp3.2(Japanese pt), Sp9, Kid6 &27 all bilateral, Huato T11/12(BI)


Above SP10(L), Liv14(r), ST22(r) - Sphincter of Oddi pt as Kiiko calls it! And Sp Sh pts

I hope that helps your understanding,

Kind regards

Simon (UK)


Dear Simon,

Thank you soo much. I checked Kiko's book and pg 159 and 300 cover it all.

I was not blind yet I could not see it............

I will tell my classmates on Thursday.

Thanks again, Simon........ YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF WELL

Regards to The Queen, as my wife is English




What are WAN points?????




I also never heard of these terms before but I agree with Chad these are most likely terms used by certain people only. Each acupuncturists use a different style and specialize in a certain few points as main points for treatment of deseases - if I recall correctly Chad, you use the 'Sky points' mainly.

WAN points? That brings me back to college to my computer classes where WAN is used to describe Wide Area Networks. Might have some resemblence there though ;)

Anyway, I think Bill those terms are coming from certain acupuncturists who use their own style and own terms, you are most likely to find better answers from your instructors at your school.


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