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Sudden Hearing loss, tinnitus


I think I may have kidney yin or qi deficiency few mths ago I suffered loss of hearing in both ear more so the right, accompanied by ringing (tinnitus) hearing test shows sensoneural hearing loss and not noise induced.
Took a course of steroids prescription by the ENT specialist since then although I have been using herbs like ginger and cinnamon and green teas I have noticed an increase in sensitivity hearing is a little better but fluctuate as well as ringing frequencies it seems I can hear all frequencies just that it’s a little lower in dB almost all symptoms experienced so far I have read on various TCM sites that point to organ imbalance my water intake over the years have been poor and my daily schedule also hectic recently I’ve been waking up in the night 4-5 times to urinate any suggestions


Acute hearing loss is probably not going to be from a kidney deficiency. It would more likely be due to a blockage of the GB channel.

I’d recommend you find a local acupuncturist to work with. Acupuncture possibly combined with herbal therapy should be able to help you out.


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