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Submucosal fibroids and fertility


I have a submucosal fibroid 5 cm. Originally it was 2 cm, but grew within the past year. The problem is that after my periods(normal, a bit heavy, 4 days long, generally on 28 day cycle) I bleed for about 10 days, not very much, may be half of the espresso coffee cup. I feel dizzy and sleepy most of the time. My hormones are all normal (checked on the 3rd day), I take 3/4 tablet of parlodel for my prolactin (although it is currently at 8, but my dr does not want to reduce the dosage). I had liver qi stagnation, which was treated by my acupuncturist and my blood work all normal. I am 33 years old and want to start a family. My husband and I trying to convince and I was wondering whether the fibroid will affect my chances and/or b/c I bleed i will not have been able to conceive and or carry to term. I am currently ovulation, checking my BBT every morning and trying to stay healthy. B/C I am dizzy and sleepy most of the time, I do not work out (my usual work out was running every morning before work), but otherwise active (do small day hikes, etc). Please let me know.


Submucosal fibroids are not a womens friend for fertility. You should find out where it is in the uterus- the location of this particular type of fibroid is important for fertility. Your doctor should know this and have a discussion with you and best decide to have it removed or not. Obviously, you can always try getting pregnant and see if you are successful before Western intervention but submucosals in general are most known to interfere with getting pregnant. The location of it in the uterus can increase that too.

I had a client who had hers removed and it was a simple procedure. Her periods instantly got much better as well. (she was a heavy bleeder with a lot of pain).


and only heavy bleeding on the second days. Then it slows down, completly stops on day 4-5 and then start little spotting/bleeding for 10 days or more. The fibroid is on the back wall of the uterus, which they said makes it difficult to remove without affecting my uterus. what are my options? What should I do?


Statements like "I had liver qi stagnation, which was treated by my acupuncturist and my blood work all normal" followed by "I am dizzy and sleepy most of the time" and " it was 2 cm, but grew within the past year" always confuse me a little bit. It&#39s clear that you feel acupuncture was at one point helpful for you (or at least you wanted to believe so) as a whole but your symptoms appear to indicated that your condition didn&#39t actually improve much (if any?, possibly worsened? - certainly the fibroid grew...)...

Generally speaking fibroids, fertility issues and menstrual/energy issues are all well within the realm of conditions that respond well to Chinese Medicine. From what you have described I would find a different practitioner and try getting some clearer resolution to these issues.


The fibroid has grown within the year. Were you seeing your acupuncturist during this time? Liver qi stagnation is something that can easily come back, unless you have made considerable lifestyle changes, to diet, stress reduction and exercise. Acupuncture can help a lot to reduce the size of the fibroid, and your practitioners should be able to give you good dietary advice. Make sure you eat a diet low in estrogen and drink plenty of water.

Best of luck


Thank you all for your comments. The fibroid grew before the treatment and it was never reduced in size. My cycles however got regulated. I am trying to concieve- is it advisable to have low estrogen and concieve?


Yes, that&#39s correct. There is plenty of information on the internet about the relationship between estrogen and fertility, as well as advice on low-estrogen diets.

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