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Stye (sore on the eyelid)



I would like to try acupucture to a friend of mine that has a stye problem (sore eyelid), so far I can only find that GB 1 helps. Any other suggestions?


Styes are infections of the eyelid, so usually regular application of hot water compresses helps more than anything. They will usually clear up rather quickly.

From a TCM perspective, styes are generally related to ST/SP damp heat, so as with any condition in Chinese Medicine treating the root and not the symptoms is applicable. Particularly if this is a common occurence, I would only treat the persons overall diagnosis with a few local points for local inflammation along with having them do hot compresses and all should be well.


I love topical Ju Hua or a chamomlie tea bag topically on them. Works really well and quickly. If you can add lian qiao that can help too.


Good morning!

thank you both!

I tried using the hot water/chamomile last week but that only made the stye larger for 1-2 days.Is that normal?

I used the 1 GB location,but with no change there besides an increase of it the next day, for 1 day.

She also has many allergies so I m currently working on that ,using the Four Constitutional Acupuncture method (four needle technique).Has anyone ever tried that method before?

As of next week,i ll go back to the stye problem and work on the st/sp as per yor suggestion.

thanks again!!


yintang is great to clear Heat from the eyes. I use it all the time for allergy eyes that are red and burning.

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