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Sturge Weber Syndrome


How do TCM view Sturge Weber Syndrome, how this desease come about and best option wether acupuncture or herbal and recommended acupoints for the said desease.


The Sturge Weber syndrome is caused by a fault in the GNAQ gene. Genes however do not explicitly exist in the framework of TCM theory. So in TCM development is guided by the jing or essence and therefore developmental disorders are in general considering to be a flaw of the essence to direct the development of the blood and qi.

Flawed essence can be a result of what western medicine would call inherited traits of genetics. Certain drugs, toxins, heavy metals, etc. can damage a parents essence - in western medicine terms it causes mutations to the gene -see here for more details.

With regards to the physical birthmarks and discoloration, it might be possible to reduce the severity of the coloration but I doubt it would make that much of a difference, if it makes one at all. With regards to the neurological symptoms, acupuncture has the potential to help reduce and possibly minimize the effects. It would depend on what symptoms are presenting and to some extent the age of the individual.


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