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Study Finds Shu Gan Liang Xue Herbal Formula Has Breast Cancer Anti Tumor Effect - discussion (2020-07-24 06:02:21am)- where can I find decoction/granule dosages?

Hi Chad,
I seem to be able to find research on Shu Gan Liang Xue, but have difficulty finding the formula breakdown and herbal dosages. Can you guide me please?

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So, first, you should -never- attempt herbal treatment yourself even with pre-made herbal formulas (capsules, pills, etc.) and certainly not with raw herbal decoctions. In general this is just a bad idea, but even more so if you are doing it only for a symptomatic reason - whether or not a formula will be helpful for you is something that is carefully thought through by a practitioner who is well versed with your overall health and issues, not just the issue that a particular formula may have shown promise with. Your practitioner will be the only person who can tell you what dosage to take if the formula is even appropriate for you, and they would likely be changed over time both formulas and dosages in many cases.

But, for completeness sake, Shu Gan Liang Xue is comprised of:

Although, again, in many cases this would be tailored to you as an individual both in ingredients and in amounts potentially.

Chad, I truly appreciate your caution with sharing TCM herbal formula prescription to anybody. However, I am a registered TCM practitioner and this is for one of my patients who is experiencing insomnia, night sweats, and hot flashes that are completely eroding her quality of life post hysterectomy, which was performed to eliminate the chance that her breast cancer would travel to the uterus. I am quite cautious when prescribing any herbs to patients on Tamoxifen and usually don’t. However, with coming across the research on Shu Gan Liang Xue, I am more hopeful in being able to provide herbal formula for her that doesn’t have any estrogenic properties. It is just difficult to find the research that contains the makeup of the formula and the dosage or common modifications. I appreciate you putting the herbs and their typical dosages. I would be interested in where you find that information if you can send me a link please? Thank you so much. Natalie

Not entirely sure where I got that information from, I had it written down from when I researched and wrote the article. Usually if I’m stuck or just need to “fact check” something herbally I contact one of my colleagues, a very gifted herbal master, Dr. Ming Wu - or one of his close students who is a friend of mine. Ming can generally answer any herbal questions I have and then some…

Have you used this formula for your patients? If so, did they take it for 6 or more months or year for 2 years like mentioned in the study? What were there results?

I have not. Generally speaking, and not for any reasons where I don’t think it is valuable, we rarely if ever use herbal medicine with cancer cases (of which for many years we treated almost exclusively, and my primary teacher still does around 70%? cancer). Without turning my response into a textbook, we have approaches primarily utilizing acupuncture, tuina and energy healing, specifically tailored for cancer patients and these protocols do not utilize herbal medicine.

Thanks for your honesty. I too have chosen not to use herbs in the past for these clients. However, thought I’d revisit looking into it as an option.
Thanks again.

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