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I'd like to ask a question, when someone is treated with acupuncture for a stroke (after 3 month since the episode) how should be the feeling of the afected side? is it normal to feel pain for few days after treatment? Is it the pain caused from the flegm in the meridians which blocked the bloodstrem? The stroke was a mild one only channel afected, no loss of conciousness nor speaking problems.

Thanks a lot!


The pain the person is feeling may be from the body struggling to rebuild function. It&#39s somewhat common as people go from limited function/feeling, to feeling w/limited function, to full feeling and function (hopefully).

Not knowing exactly what you are doing during the treatment I can&#39t comment too much on what may or may not happen after what you are doing. But generally as the acupuncture will increase blood flow and nervous system communication to the area, pain from this internal struggle in the body is not uncommon.

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