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Stroke related fatique


I am currently searching for information regarding (post) stroke related fatique and Chinese acupuncture treatment in these for my dissertation.

Does anyone have any suggestions for research?

Thank you so much if you could help!



Much of the peer-reviewed research on anything is available at - go there and type in "Acupuncture and Stroke". You&#39ll get more studies than you wanted no doubt....

Also I would contact someone at Tianjin Hospital in China - a famous Chinese Medicine stroke treatment center.


Hi Eline , I have made a number of trips to Nanjing China in search of experience in this area . I heard about the benefits acupuncture for the treatment of stroke .I was soon convinced that acupuncture is extremely effective in the treatment of stroke and should be integrated into all rehabilitation programs for stroke patients . Again as Chad mentioned PUBMED is a great resource , have a look at both Chinese and Japanese styles and methods used in the treatment of stroke.

One contradiction I have seen where East meets West is the time a patient should wait after an episode to receive acupuncture . In China the patient is encouraged to attend the clinic as soon as possible i.e due to the rapid onset of the wind invasion. The acupunturists aim is to expel wind .Western medics prefer the patient wait 4-6 weeks before beginning treatments .

Another point to note was the number of treatments used in the Clinic. We would treat stoke patients every day for 3 - 4 weeks at a time . We saw positive changes in the patients from improved mobility , energy , decrease in muscle spasm / twitch/ involuntary muscle contraction -"clonus" , and improved Qol. Cups & heat were used in every treatment along with all the expected points .


thank you so much!

let&#39s help spread the word about the effectiveness in the treatment of strokes!


I have no comment at the moment on this subject/stroke/. By now I&#39m intrested in

poststroke Tx,also in burniig tongue syndrome.Let me ask the vitalpoints for there treatment.

Thank you.


May I ask,: the vital points of acup., moxa,

daily or weekly tx

howlong should the tx take

notification of side effects if exists

Thank u in advance

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