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Stroke patient for several years


Hello. My mother had her stroke last 2008. As of now she is hardly speak and her left body affected. Can anyone suggest medicine or treatment for stroke patient?


Generally acupuncture is extremely helpful for stroke rehabilitation. Herbal medicine is a less integral part of the equation in my opinion. Treatment however, generally needs to be very consistent to get improvement.

Some articles you may find interesting:


Usually the sooner you treat, the better the outcome. The last Pacific Symposium had some excellent acupuncture techniques using scalp acupuncture which combined physical therapy as they did it. There are some great youtube videos of them doing this treatment. I suggest you look for Dr. Ming Qing Zhu in google and you will see that his methods come highly recommended. Watch his youtube video and check it out.

This reminds me of working with St 38 and the shoulder and seeing the magic of a shoulder suddenly moving more and easier. It is the same principle only using scalp acupuncture.

Thirdly, oddly enough I like the new craze towards gwee gym because I have found the stroke victims I treat can use it instantly with less effort and it applies an even pull across the entire muscle’s range of motion.

I always use qi qong and tai qi walking as part of the process as well.

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