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Stress and Chi


I am involved in an ongoing discussion about whether the average person can control the chi in their body. I don't think there is a clear cut answer. In the realm of biofeedback or relaxation techniques or I guess, tai chi one can change (is that the right word) their energy, but in some of the emotional or mental health sides there really is a chemical imbalance that can't be worked out with deep breathing.

My limited understanding would be there is the practice of stress busters, but that doesn't mean one can fix themselves without some help from a practitioner. I know this is obvious, but i have a friend that is feeling guilty for not staying on top of her stress.My heart goes out to her, because it isn't always that easy to not let life, hormones, family or work have its effect on one's well being. I want to be certain in telling her it is ok to take it easy on herself.

In your work with people, how do you support people in the stress of life when there isn't an illness(yet)?

Thank you


Well first I would say that while there are perhaps faster and more efficient avenues to health, any one aspect of Chinese Medicine - tai chi, acupuncture, herbs, etc. can go a long way to resolving any imbalance. Tai chi, qi gong, meditation, etc. will change brain chemistry, hormones, and other aspects of a persons body. In other words, "qi" is a concept which really means a persons energy, their hormones, their brain chemistry, their whole system. There is no distinction between "qi" and the workings of a persons body and mind. The smooth flow of qi essentially means the absence of disease and imbalance both physically and mentally.

Now when you combine acupuncture, tai chi, perhaps herbal medicine, etc. with a competent practitioner you can greatly speed up the process of change and personal development.

With regards to treating "stress" - or just an imbalance without a western defined illness this is fine within the paradigm of Chinese Medicine. In reality, Chinese Medicine does not treat any "conditions" at all - rather it treats patterns. These patterns can have symptoms which are serious western medical conditions, or just a predisposition towards having more definable symptoms in the future. Having a condition in western terms is largely irrelevant from a Chinese Medical perspective. In some ways, Chinese Medicine is really a preventative medicine - picking up on tendencies and small symptoms that seem unrelated from a western perspective and regulating them long before illness develops.


I think to to vercome the stress of life is not to thinking to much .Feel everyday,this is a wonderful day that we can move on all the undertakings in your life.

I hope this simple suggestion can help you.

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