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Strange Floating/Sinking Sensation

Hi, I need some TCM opinion on a strange feeling of unsteadiness that’s troubling me and can’t be solved by my western GP.

My symptom explanation is that my body has some sort of an imbalance/sinking sensation. When I stand still, there’s an inner force that makes me feel like I’m swaying to the left or right. When I walk, I’ll occasionally feel like falling forward. When I sit, I’ll have the weird sinking down sensation that’s mainly felt on my head, abdomen area and thighs. I’ll also get the left/right swaying sensation. The feeling is as though I’m floating on a boat or moving downwards in an elevator. When I lay down, I’ll feel pressure on top of my head and some tight contraction on my forehead area. All these sensations are mild but it affects my work and overall quality of life.

Whenever I get these sensations, it’ll last for about a month and then it’ll mysteriously fade off on its’ own without medication or anything particular that I’ve done. But, I’ll also start getting them without any signs or warnings.

My GP has asked me to do a blood test as he suspected low sugar levels but it wasn’t. My blood pressure is also fine. He then prescribed some ginkgo tablets as he thought it was due to poor circulation. That didn’t help as well and I was referred to an ENT to check my inner ears. The ENT doctor has ruled out all inner ear issues like vertigo, meniere’s, vestibular neuritis, etc. because he couldn’t spot any issue. In the end, I was told it’s due to stress and fatigue and I should rest more.

What could this be from TCM’s point of view? Could it be some sort of Qi deficiency with one of my organ system? Any recommended herbs that may help my issue?

Without reading much detail, have you seen an acupuncturist about this yet? I would suggest you simply start there. See someone for 5-7 treatments and see how you do.
There are far too many possible factors involved with something like this and it doesn’t lend itself well to online diagnosis.

That said, this type of thing is what many acupuncturists see all the time - basically anything that is significant where western medicine was of no or limited value. And most of the time, with the right diagnostic procedures and properly tailored treatment, people ending up resolving it. You will likely never know exactly what was happening, even assuming it resolves, but that’s ok…

Thanks for your reply. I understand that consulting an acupuncturist is the right way to go and self-diagnosis is highly not recommended but there’s simply no TCM clinic within my area as I live in an outskirt area. The nearest one would be a 2 -hour drive away.

There’s only Western doctors here which I have consulted but yielded not much positive results. That’s why I went online to have a rough idea or a glimpse of what I could be having from TCM’s point of view.

My friend just went thru this. It sounds very similar to her condition. You most likely need to be tested for a Chiari Malformation. A chiari malformation is where the top of the spinal cord did not close 100% at birth & therefore allows spinal fluid to leak. This causes a floating sensation & the only fix that I am aware of is surgery. It is NOT a well known issue by GPs…it usually takes a neurologist to diagnose. I hope I am wrong & yet I hope I am right so you get relief. Seek out a neurologist.

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