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Strange Experience with First Time Acupuncture


I had my first acupuncture Tx today. I have experienced other types of alternative healing methods and meditation prior.

During the experience I had a strange feeling as if I could float of my body. That part is not too surprising to me, but afterwards I was feeling very peculiar.

Even though I have so much mediation, Reiki, and related experience this was different in that when I had to leave I could barely walk. For the first time ever I really felt it was not that safe for me to drive becayse I was in such a daze. I was also unbearably thirsty. I stopped at the store to get water and could barely make it through the line. The people's voices were so loud and the energy in the store felt very "jangled."

For what it is worth, I am an intuitive/empathic person who does notice energy in rooms, on things, and around people. But this was very strange. Usually I can handle it better. During the treatment my heart rate would speed up every time a certain lady walked past me. The other person in the room felt very calm, so that person did not affect me.

When I got home I ate, but I feel the food will not digest. I THINK my stomach is still working from the acupuncture. I sat down when I got home, and have kept falling asleep all day. I was not able to do my planned activities.

Weirdly, I could feel things in my body very strongly, but did not feel the same level of calmness in my heart and in my thoughts. That is unusual for me too.

I am not sure I was able to explain myself properly. I feel like I need a bit of explanation and guidance. Possibly I left my energy too open. Right now, my spine is feeling a great deal of pressure. That is one of my areas of infection along w CFS and adrenal failure. The practitioner only treated the front of my body but I feel it in my spine now. I hope this is all good. (I am sure he knows what he is doing as far as the acupuncture, but I do not think he was able to detect the energy things that were going on.)


Fatigue after acupuncture, particularly the first 1-3 sessions is extremely common and normal particularly in people like yourself who appear to be on the anxious/sensitive side (generally KD yin deficient in TCM terms) of the spectrum. Lack of deep relaxation (what some term fatigue) after a treatment is by far the norm. Heightened energetic sensitivities may also generally increase during treatment. In people with more heigthened natural sensitivities, then, this can seem excessive whereas others barely notice or talk about mild sensations in comparison.

More than likely after a few treatments with a particular practitioner these responses will naturally calm down so I wouldn&#39t give them too much thought until you&#39ve had some time with your practitioner and they have had time to adjust the treatments slightly based on your responses. While I rarely interject into what another practitioner is doing particularly if I don&#39t know the patient, you could suggest they add in GV 19 to your next treatment and see if that helps - from our system this modulates the sensory cortex of the brain.

All that said, on a more theoretical level I want to express my opinions on some of what you are experiencing - and this comes from training people in qi gong, energy healing, etc. Some people without a doubt have natural abilities which can help or hinder them depending on how they are honed. Some people train incorrectly for years to be able to feel comfortable with their sensitivities - some to no avail. One very crucial matter to keep in mind is that on an ultimate level there is no good or bad energy and no energy coming and going - there is just energy, that&#39s all. So ideas like "blocking" bad energy, "closing and opening" doors of energy are only concepts that help or hinder a particular persons training which at some level really need to be left alone. In clearer terms, in my opinion, these concepts cause far more detriment than good. Once you wrap your mind around a more ultimate concept these incorrect distinictions of good and bad, more or less, stop causing problems.

And ultimately simple silent meditation (not guided, not TM, not visual, not body oriented, etc.) is the best. Standing meditation with the same simple techniques is probably even better for grounding a person. No concepts just learning to fully ground.

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