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Stomach problems

I am 70 years old, I am anorectic due to stomach problems. My stomach can’t stand almost anything. Nausea, bloating, bouts of unbearable pressure in the abdomen and extreme bloating after meals that are relieved if I take lemon juice or stomach acid. I have no appetite.
I’m exhausted from the daily struggle with it. My doctor gave me acupuncture treatment which made me sick during the treatment. He said that my stomach was very bad, that I was tense and had damph. The tongue is pale, lined with a thick white layer for years. I’m swollen under my eyes. Often thick mucus in the throat. For years I have had weak energy in my spleen and stomach.
PTSD makes me constantly in fear, worry, tension. It seems like a total system imbalance. I don’t know where to start.
I’m not a complete layman in acupuncture. I’m trying to help myself. Please advice. Because of the pandemic, I don’t go to treatments.


With the right practitioner they can generally resolve these issues with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture (unlikely with acupuncture alone in many cases in my opinion). I would suggest you consult with an acupuncturist who is also a trained Chinese herbal medicine practitioner (many aren’t) and give them at least 3 months. Herbally it will be a moving target which is why you need to work closely with someone over time - you have to clear some damp first, then strengthen, then probably back and forth to some degree until things start to resolve - along the way there will likely be dietary recommendations, and possibly even recommendations for scans and/or bloodwork from a western doctor. If you are trying to treat yourself, on average you’re just not going to get there - but with guidance from a practitioner that knows you personally, moxa might be part of the overall self-treatment aspects.

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