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Stomach meridian? Stagnation / skin issues face


The last couple of years I’ve noticed some hard skin tissue around ST3. In the photo it’s where I’ve put my nail in.

Is there a way to let this stagnation disappear and allow flow again? Beautysalon professionals don’t seem to be able to treat it.

Somehow I have the feeling it is food related, for example when I eat more fatty things (mackerel, etc) the spot reacts with. So could this spot also be a signal that something is up in the digestive system, small intestine for example? I tend to eat vegan but sometimes I feel cravings for sea food.

Thanks so much for thinking along. I haven’t visited an acupuncturist for this, but I was still wondering how to be able to treat it.

Would moxa at ST36 -40 work for example? I’m open to all kinds of ideas. :pray:

PS I’ve had it for years, on both sides. The tissue seems a bit whitish and hard.

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You may want to first consult with a dermatologist to get a clear diagnosis, but that looks like it is possibly rosacea. There are multiple types in western terms and then many possible underlying diagnoses in Chinese Medicine terms (which your practitioner would have to help you figure out). On the western side there are topical treatment options, steroids, etc. From a TCM perspective depending on the underlying diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms there are acupuncture and/or herbal options. Here is a case study that shows a good outcome from a relatively small number of treatments - Treatment of Rosacea using acupuncture for improving the local skin microcirculation . All that said, one of the possible diagnoses tied with rosacea is blood deficiency in tcm terms - so moxa at sp 3 and/or st 36 might be warranted, but you should ask your practitioner if that fits with what they see as your TCM diagnosis.

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