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Stomach+Liver harmony


Could you make some suggestions/guidelines in terms of diet choices (everyday foods, spices etc. ) when it comes to disharmony of liver and stomach that will NOT aggravate heat in small intestine?

Thank you.


Liver and stomach disharmony use formula: "Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan". The small intestine heat is come from the heart fire, should diagonsis the tongue&#39s color, use formula: "Dao Chi San". The hot spicy or fried food have lot fire energy inside, some red meat nature are heat or warm may cause body organ&#39s heat. But Liver and stomach disharmony most is becuase of emotion reasons, such as life pressure, anxiety, angry or tension. try self relax may help.


Thank you Feng Mei : ) ....yeah, that is what I think has caused the Liver -Stom disharmony and in part, the heat in small intestine - a lot of long term anxiety. I have also been feeling heavy and emotionally "stuck". My acupuncturist suggested some herb, but I would also like to know which whole foods I can eat for this. My tongue is red, moreso on the sides with no coating. At times (usually in the morning) it looks dry.

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