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Stomach discomfort and bulky stool


I have chronic problem of stomach heviness and gas and loose and bulky stool .if i use stomach 36acup point tone by byol magent i get i acidity in


To start what is your diet like?

Generally speaking bloating with looser stools is spleen qi deficiency, but there are many other possibilities and ways to approach it depending particularly on the amount of dampness in Chinese Medicine terms that is present (see “my spleen is what?” for more on that).

As far as a single magnet on st 36, I really doubt that would lead to excessive acid in your stomach that wasn’t already there. It might make the system more active, thus increasing the awareness of the problem temporarily, but even that I doubt.

Generally to benefit from acupuncture you should see a fully trained acupuncturist in your area and receive a proper diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms. With that your treatment can be tailored to you and not just using general points (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that).

For the most part the general patterns and treatment approaches described in our acupuncture for abdominal pain section would give you an idea of how an acupuncturist would approach this. On your own dietary change would likely be far more effective than any single acupuncture point.


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