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Stomach and spleen removal


Hi, if someone had their stomach and spleen removed due to cancer how would that impact their meridian?


We get this and similar questions about tattoos, piercings, etc. asked quite often. I’m not aware of any specific research regarding organ removal and a limited affect of acupuncture points to function on said meridian. It’s important to remember that the “spleen” meridian has an arguably marginal relationship to the physical organ as do all the other meridians with their named organ counterparts. While it’s true that points along the spleen meridian, for example, may aid issues that are often related to the spleen organ, they also help many more issues that are not related to the physical spleen functions. My general sense is that organ removal, besides the obvious functional complications, has little to no impact on the meridian itself and the ability of the acupuncture points along that meridian to continue to function. Obviously this would be limited to what physical capacities are retained in the body from such organ removal.

Why do you ask? In other words, what is your concern or issue?


My sister had the stomach and spleen removed. I’m wondering if doing reiki at those meridian points would support her system.


As I said, I don’t think the physical organs removal affects the meridian in any significant way - certainly not in any way that would make all the points on the meridian have limited effect. Reiki, if that is what you know, would certainly be helpful. The body is much larger than the meridians and the organs, so don’t limit the healing potential of the body by physical organ issues.

As her body has been through some significant trauma, however, aiding the kidney system (the bodies root energy) and the liver (which helps the spleen) - may be an avenue to pursue to provide greater support overall.


My sister had stomach cancer and the result was the doctors have removed the stomach and spleen. How does this effect the energy field?


By most accounts probably not much at all. Remember that in Chinese Medicine when they mention the “spleen” for example they are talking about an entire system that is only marginally related to the physical organ with the same name. See “My Spleen is What?” for more on this…


I would have to disagree and say that it would most likely make a large impact–considering the physical spleen manufactures insulin and white blood cells and also plays an integral role in the immune system and immunological response. The stomach digests food–how does your sister do this without a stomach?

With less Earth, Fire can rebel and further weaken Metal greatly (Wu Xing relationship).


Without a stomach I would guess a feeding tube or possibly IV. As for directing reiki, I was taught reiki itself was inherently intelligent and would know where to go. The practitioner is just a vessel to conduct the energy and isn’t really supposed to consciously try to direct it. As for the energetic impact (in the framework of reiki, not TCM), the acute loss of an organ creates a void. You can help the body to re-establish the flow of energy and to help fill in the gap caused by the organ removal. Just to be clear I’m not a reiki master nor would I consider myself an authority, this is simply what I’ve learned from my brief study.


I also wonder how this ties in to Wu Xing; for instance, would the loss of stomach (Yang Earth) impact the body in such a way as to necessitate reallocating the energy from the void to the Yin Earth organ (Spleen)? Or would it instead mean that all Earth is greatly diminished and thus the other four elements must be adjusted accordingly–i.e. without much Earth then Metal will diminish and Wood grow stronger?, etc.

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