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Stiff shoulders and trapezius and PE


Hi dear friends,

I need suggestion in the treatment of a patient which suffers from premature ejaculation.
He also has stiff shoulders and traps every morning on waking up.
During the day the stiffness softens up, but stil remains.
He wakes up every night at 2.30 - 3.00 a.m. then he goes back to bed after peeing.
He suffered in the past from panic attacks and has a mild urethritis.

I identified his PE with a yang kidney deficiency... am i right?

Many thanks for your help,



"I identified his PE with a yang kidney deficiency... am i right?"

There is no way to answer this without supporting signs and symptoms. What is his tongue, pulse? What supports KD Yang - does he actually feel cold, does he have deep fatigue?

My guess, if anything, he would have more liver qi stagnation, possibly with some mild kd deficiencies. From symptoms alone (which is not the way to make a diagnosis) this would be far more likely in someone younger.


Thanks for your answer.

His pulse is weak and he often feels cold.

The tongue has a thin white coat in the center area, but the sides are a bit red and with teeth marks.

He also has a vertical line which goes from the kidney/bladder area to the tip (heart weakness?).

In the kidney/bladder area he has also 4 small bumps.

He doesn&#39t suffer from deep fatigue, but only feels his knees a little weak, as if he is not grounded very well.


And are you asking for herbal and/or acupuncture advice? If acupuncture, what points have you already done, what has changed and what hasn&#39t with what frequency of treatment. If herbal medicine, what have you done and at what dosages over what time frame.

Clearly red in the tongue indicate heat, so you have to very careful assuming yang deficiency. The line from the back of the tongue through the tip is a general indicator of a propensity towards mental illness.

Does he still have higher states of anxiety? Does he have any panic attacks any more at all? While a vast generalization, generally people who are truly yang deficient will not have problems sleeping - so there is some heat involved. I would be more apt to move the liver qi stagnation and mildly tonify the kd. Formula wise something harmonizing like xiao yao wan would be good for the liver and spleen. If there are still higher states of anxiety and along with the sleep problems working in some suan zao ren or tian wan bu xin wan may also be called for.


When he wakes up in the night (2.30 - 3.00 am) he sometimes experiences panic and the fear of losing control.

He has apparently no higher state of anxiety.

Until now i have treated (few times) lu7, ki6, ren3, lv5, lv3, sp6, kd3 and bl23.


What has worked when treating others with those symptoms is balancing the vagus nerve and calming the nervous system in addition to the points you&#39ve already worked on.


Thank you for your help,

How do i balance the vagus nerve?


PC 6

Auricular concha

Shen Men

help for other symptoms

Ex Shi Xuan tips of fingers for fright, hysteria

Ren 3 urinary

Du 18 stiff neck

Benefits of properly stimulating the Vagal Nerve

Turn on neurogenesis, helping our brains sprout new brain cells.

Rapidly turn off the stress, hyper-arousal, and fight/flight via the relaxation response.

Sharpen our memories.

Fight inflammatory disease.

Help you resist high blood pressure.

Block the hormone cortisol and other oxidizing agents that age and deteriorate the brain and body Block systemic inflammation

Help us overcome depression and anxiety.

Help us sleep better. Raise levels of human growth hormone.

Help us overcome insulin resistance.

Turn down allergic responses.

Lower chances of getting stress and tension headaches.

Help spare and grow our mitochondria- this is a key to maintaining optimal energy levels and not harming our DNA and RNA.

Affect our overall ability to live longer, healthier, and more energetic lives.


Many thanks,

I will add those points to the treatment.

You have been very helpful

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