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Stay healthy and happy


I have tried many diets and exercises, but to no avail. I manage to lose a few pounds initially whenever I start something new, but I am back to square one again! I am completely exasperated and feel depressed. I do not know what to do. I will go to any extent to get a fit body.


How much are you overweight? What is your general diet and activity levels like? And, have you tried acupuncture yet? If not, I would obviously recommend it.

There are many reasons for people to have issues with weight gain that are outside of simple calories in and calories out - although that it generally a crucial relationship. Acupuncture is useful for all of these underlying systemic contributors.

In combination with acupuncture many practitioners will also use various Chinese Herbal Formulas. For herbs it is best to see a practitioner first and see what they recommend. We often use a formula, Certainly Slim, which is helpful in many cases, but may not be the only formula that is required if you have other underlying reasons for weight issues. These can be thyroid issues (even if they do not yet show up on western tests), psychological issues, digestive issues, etc.

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