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Starting an Acupuncture School


Hi everyone!

My name is Elicea. I work for an Acupuncturist in Utah who is interested in opening a school with a Master's Degree program in Oriental Medicine. In doing so, this would be the only Acupuncture school here in Utah with such a high curriculum in this area.

She currently also offers a Acupuncture Assistant training program with job placement at completion.

This Acupuncturist has over 45,000 treatments and counting under her belt and would like to train other people to follow the same natural path that she has chosen.

She has asked me to find out more information about opening a school such as what Utah regualations may be and really just how to get started. I have contacted NCCAOM by email, as well as the Utah State Divisioin of Occupational and Professional Licensing and am waiting to hear back.

I was hoping that some of you wonderful people might have some tips, suggestions.. any information that might be useful to her project? If so, that would be very much appreciated!



I would recommend you contact the presidents/founders of a few of the newer acupuncture schools. The Asian Institute of Medical Studies in Tucson, founded by Alex Holland is one of the newer schools that relatively recently went through the starting and accreditation process. You may want to contact him directly to get his views on the general process. Very knowledgeable person on the academic/legislative side of things and others as well.

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