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Standing Qigong to fight disease



Are these people here that practice standing Qigong ? ( search on youtube )
I am starting this as an overall practice for health.

You basically stand up in positions like a tree and hold the positions.
This will build up internal strength and health.
This goes against all Western exercise and health dogma.

Your comments ?
Thanks, PC


I could write for years on this subject, but, yes standing qi gong has enormous health benefits. Much of these are well researched and searches of pubmed will find many citations. For the most part the benefits of Zhan Zhuang are similar or identical to tai chi, any number of moving qi gong forms, etc.

Even for those that practice Tai Chi, Zhan Zhuang is critical for their advancement, health benefits and energetic growth.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for the reply.

Hopefully, Standing Qigong will become more recogized and popular like Tai Chi in the US.

Thanks, PC


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