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Stabbing pelvic pain


I am hoping someone can help, I am pretty desperate. I have had stabbing and pulsing lower left quadrant abdominal pain for almost 5 months. I have had an MRI, CT scan,many ultrasounds, tons of bloodwork, chiropractic, massage, neurological testing. All of my tests are normal. I even had a hysterectomy and had my ovaries and uterus removed because if this, and that did not help. The pain starts about 2 inches below and lateral to my navel, then sometimes shoots into my bladder/vagina and almost always goes down the front and inside of my leg all the way down to the inside of my calf. The pain is only on my left side. I am exausted because of this and cannot even walk longer than 5 or 10 minutes without the pain getting much worse. I was looking at the meridian chart and the pain seems to be along the liver meridian. I also have some pain in my left cheek under the zytomatic arch seems to be on that meridian. I am not an acupuncturist so I am going by charts I see online. I am a massage therapist so know anatomy fairly well. I do not hurt anywhere else along the liver meridian. Does anyone know how i could treat this myself with acupressure or herbs. We have very few acupuncturists here and I do not hear very good things about the ones we do have. I have seen many acupuncturists in other places i have lived but that was before this pain started. A few years ago i was told I had kidney deficiency. I can't remember if it was yin or yang deficiency, but I was getting treated for fatigue. My chiropractor was palpating a point around L5 on my left side on my back and it was super tender and I could feel it shoot into the front of my maybe the bladder meridian is an issue too? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks y'all!


The easiest and best answer I can give you is to see someone locally. Clearly if a surgeon felt strongly enough that something as incredibly invasive as a hysterectomy was worthwhile you must have other related issues besides the pain that would aid in diagnosis. Pain, hormonal issues, etc. are all very commonly treated with Chinese Medicine. Ideally you would see an acupuncturist who also practices herbal medicine.

Acupuncture also doesn&#39t really follow the meridians like you are doing. Proper treatment requires a proper diagnosis within TCM terms (see some here for abdominal pain, as an example), then you use proper treatments. In short what this means is that you won&#39t be able to treat yourself with acupressure with any real effect, particularly when you don&#39t yet know the cause.

With proper diagnosis and proper treatment you should be fine, particularly if the obvious things like kidney stones, bladder infections, colon polyps/cancer, etc. have all been ruled out.


Was there no change before/after the surgery? I wonder if it&#39s one of those weird ligaments in the pelvic floor or something that attatches to the related painful verterbra? Have you traveled to a place the specializes in pelvic pain?

I&#39m not convinced it&#39s a simple meridian thing either. But look up LV 3. Have someone press on it while you move around or do a sit up or something. See if that helps it. That&#39s the biggest point to move liver qi stagnation. Look up GB 34 and do the same too.

Keep us posted.


At this point, a neuromuscular evaluation by an advanced bodyworker would seem to be in order. Now that you have had surgery, addressing the scar tissue forming could also be a primary interest.

Keep in touch.

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