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Sprained ankle


I lost my footing last Sunday (that is about 6 days ago). I used the suggested acupuncture points for sprained ankle and was able to relieve pain immediately (I use needle-less acupuncture technology). However, the swelling started to subside only on the second day. Today, 6th day - there is still very slight swelling. I still could not put full weight on it. Any suggestion on meridian point to assist in the swelling? With gratitude....


What do you mean exactly by "used the suggested acupuncture points"? Acupuncture points are chosen first and foremost by choosing an appropriate underlying diagnosis, then in the case of acute trauma working in local points and other modalities as appropriate. As you do not appear to be a licensed acupuncturist the general guidance is to seek professional care from a licensed acupuncturist.

From a non-acupuncture point of view and with proper diagnosis, moxibustion around the area is very useful in most cases and herbally the formula Jin Gu Die Da Wan can be very helpful. Treatment wise some of the appropriate points would be listed near the bottom of our acupuncture for arthritis page in the ankle section. While the points listed there are for bi-syndromes they are generally useful for all pain related cases.


Thank you for your recommendations. I would check on it. Swelling is now gone but there is a slight bruising. No, am not an acupuncturist. I practice energy healing and combine it with needle-less acupuncture. We do follow acupuncture meridians and have protocols for various conditions.

Your board is a great resource to learn from various modalities and the community is great in giving insights.




Sprained ankle are usually the outside (GB shao yang channel), so you can use opposite side TB5. Should have instant relief.

If inside ankle, use XIAO JIE- master tong&#39s point (DR Young Wei Chieh)

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