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Spotting after acupuncture before period


I had an acupuncture session early this morning and it was quite sore on the right hand side of my tummy.

I was lying down and when I tried sit up a little to look at the needles in my legs near my ankles I found the pressure around my tum was very strong - like an energy field - and it was difficult to look and it hurt so I had to stay lying down. I never felt this type of strong sensation before.

I am approximately 4 to 6 days before my period (cycle 33-35 days) and about 5 hours after the acupuncture session today I had very light spotting like at the very very start of a period, not a bright red colour just barely noticable but there.

Why would this occur after acupuncture ?

Thank you


This is a great question for your acupuncturist as they are most familiar with your case. From what I can glean, however, is that you are going for fertility and you have somewhat longish periods. The goal of acupuncture with fertility (and any other menstrual irregularity) is to first and foremost regulate the cycle to a desired length (both between menstruation and days of menstruation) and to eliminate any other negative aspects such as PMS, clotting, heavy or too light blood flow, etc.

More than likely if you were near your period, or least where your period should be, your acupuncturist may have used points to stimulate the onset of your cycle. This could result in either your cycle starting entirely or some spotting initially. Often it takes up to 3 menstrual cycles of regular treatment (perhaps longer in more serious cases) to regulate the cycle overall. Initially, then, some "strange" things may happen such as spotting, heavier than usual, more clots than usual, missing a cycle when you&#39ve never missed before, etc.

All things considered I wouldn&#39t worry about it too much, but I would talk to your practitioner about these issues as the feedback and the resulting discussion is important for both them and yourself.


Thank you.

Yes, my cycle started entirely as you suggested from the initial spotting. This can only be a good thing if the acupuncture makes my cycle shorter for my egg quality.

Thank you for your speedy reply and your assistance. Keep up the good work.

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