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Spleen Yang Deficiency


The multiple needling blog was very interesting. Since I suffer fromSpleen Ya Deficiency, I have 27 distressing symptoms thathave to constantly cope with every day. This means that I want to treat 12 different acupuncture points with my TENS machine, tonifying them. But after two years I am feeling no better, and going to a Chinese
acupuncturist over 6 weeks made no change in my health either. It’s very frustrating, Chad.


I don’t know how long you’ve had these issues, but for many complex systemic cases it is not that strange to not have a strong response in 6 weeks of treatment. For more complex / layered cases you are looking more in the 3-15 month time frame. But I can only guess not knowing what your true diagnosis is and what your actual symptoms are.

That said, if you are truly spleen yang deficient, then using a TENS unit will be far too dispersive for you more than likely and will most likely make your overall condition worse. If anything you should use moxibustion (again if you are truly spleen yang deficient) at the points recommended by your practitioner who is familiar with your case. Discuss it with him/her, and if you can’t, work with someone with whom you can discuss it.

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