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SPLEEN: Resolving dampness and slight heat with Acupressure


Dear Fellow Chinese Wisdom Travellers,

I am an amateur with a long standing admiration of Eastern medicine and am trying to resolve a DAMP SPLEEN condition with slight heat (according to my TCM practicioner - mucus membrane inflamation).

BACKGROUND: 5 years ago I finally went to an acupuncture treatment and whilst the treatment was wonderful the dietary recommendation turned my condition into an extreme health deterioration (unfortunately, my practitioner was not very communicative and did not listen to my feedback). I stopped the treatment and dietary recommendation to eat warm and grains (SPLEEN food) as I found out it was feeding my systemic candida to the point of me becoming unconcious. After that I went to a raw lifestyle to clean the candida condition (no sugar) at first it was a life saver.

Yet, every time I tried to reintroduce sugar - the candida came back (not dramatic) but I am cautious now. I introduced foods to heal my leaky gut but never got the break through I wanted. I took another acupuncture treatement last year and the practioner said she never had such quick results - but I ran out of money to finish the treatment and am now looking for ways to:

STIMULATE ACUPRESSURE POINTS to recover the spleen condition. Do you have any recommendations for this diagnosis? If so, I would love to learn! Any point sequence which is good?
TO READ BOOKS which address this. Any recommendations which could be followed by an amateur like me would be welcome.

Currently, I religiously drink SEMEN COICIS tea every morning and got already (3 weeks in results) as much as I now can eat some of the grain without having candida reactions and skin lesions are healing.

So if anybody could provide me with some pointers I would be most grateful.



Can you include a picture of your tongue or at least describe the color of the body, the level or lack of coating and any other markers on it? And when you say the practitioner “said she never had such quick results” - what exactly, in very exact terms, improved and what didn’t - over how many treatments?

In the interim, I would suggest you read “My Spleen is What? The Earth Element in Chinese Medicine”. Which describes how we look at that system in general terms. Keep in mind, however, that spleen deficiency may be the result and not the cause, so aiding it - while helpful, may not get you where you need to be.

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