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Spleen, Pancreas T7 - T8 on the right side?


I have been reading the Tom's book and he mentions T7 T8 Pancreas Spleen points on the right side.
IS this location right? The spleen and pancreas is on the left side anatomic speaking.
Just curious.


Hello Richard,

As the theory related texts are all in late editions there are very few if any major errors in the texts. With regards to the spleen and pancreas - the information listed is correct. When a particular side is noted there is multiple reasons for this, not necessarily the location of an organ. It is either based on our clinical experience (i.e. the right side seems to be blocked most often and treating that side appears to have better results) or based on the flow of the nerves within the body (i.e. the location of an organ and the location of the nerves which control it do not always match in the most obvious of ways).

In the case of the pancreas, the pancreas has three parts. The head on the right side of the body and the body and tail on the left. When people have pancreas problems, 75% of these are in the head which is in the right side, the other 25% is on the left side where the body and tail of the pancreas are.

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