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Spleen not Controlling Blood: information require


I am in second year and researching Spleen not controlling blood. If anyone has any references for me to research i would greatly appreciate it. Books and journals would be fantastic, but any links on this subject would help.


That’s a pretty broad question that could be answered in any number of ways. What specifically are you trying to write about in regards to that particular Chinese Medicine diagnosis?

The general indications for the spleen are available in the “My Spleen is What?” article and on the spleen meridian disharmonies page.

Generally spleen not controlling the blood is from a weak spleen system resulting in bleeding and/or bruising issues such as heavy menstrual cycles, constant spotting, bruising of unknown origins, potentially involved with autoimmune conditions such as ITP, etc.


Thank you @Chad_Dupuis,
My assignment will include a differential analysis of aetiologies, signs and symptoms, tongue and pulse, as well as treatment principles, representative acupuncture (including any additional therapeutic techniques like moxa or bleeding, if appropriate) and herbal prescriptions. Tables, diagrams or flow charts may be useful. It will compare and contrast two organ pathologies. I have chosen Spleen Qi Sinking & Spleen Not Controlling Blood.

I will read the links you have supplied so far.


If you looking for a somewhat broad coverage on various patterns and treatment protocols I would say that these books by Giovanni Maciocia and Bob Flaws are both great sources for the theory of different patterns and clinical applications and techniques. Good luck!


@Stephen thank you. I will read them both

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