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Spleen heart deficiency


Hi , I'm an acupuncture student, and my teacher has diagnosed spleen and heart deficiency. I am taking Gui Pi herbs for this, but which points should I use to help myself? I am permanently exhausted and can lapse into melancholy on occaison. I also have real problems with get-up-and-go which is a problem with final exams coming up!

thanks, Daire.


I would start by reading the following sections:

Spleen Meridian Patterns

Heart Meridian Patterns

That should give you an idea of the patterns you fall within and appropriate treatment points. Moxibustion on ST 36 would more than likely be an excellent daily treatment for you as well as learning some qi gong and/or tai chi to build and protect your energy. If you don't know a form one routine we teach, the Da Peng Gong, would be good for you and is easy to learn.

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