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Spleen 6 to prevent pregnancy?


I am not looking to get pregnant but I do not use any contraceptions as my bf is against it. I was wondering if it is possible to prevent implantation using accupressure? Also can it be used to terminate an early pregnancy (before 6-8 weeks)?

My periods are always regular but one time it got delayed for more than a week due to stress (I was not pregnant though), I looked up the net and someone suggested I try the pressure point Spleen 6 to get my period as it is used to induce labor. So I applied pressure on SP6 and I started menstruating almost instantly. When I shared this with my friend who has PCO, she experienced the same effect - instant period.

So I was just wondering if this could work for preventing conception or terminating an early pregnancy?


Quite simply no... To inquire more there are related threads that I&#39ve answered in more detail with regards to the relative myth of acupuncture abortions on this site elsewhere...


"I do not use any contraceptions as my bf is against it"

Unrelated to acupuncture but pertinent...why does your boyfriend&#39s attitude about contraception take precedent over your own? This seems to be the real problem.


Let me first answer this as an acupuncturist.. Acupuncture does not do what the body does not want to do. It supports systems to provide the means for those systems to eventually regulate themselves. I induce many women&#39s labour and it just is not possible to do this if labour is not going to happen. As a midwife, I saw countless women medically induced and many of them did not respond to the powerful drugs used, because their bodies were simply not ready or willing. They almost always had caesarian sections. You cannot prevent pregnancy using acupuncture. Nor can you induce abortion, which is what you are asking for. Acupuncture is part of a complex system of health and the idea that a point will &#39do&#39 something is wrong. Knowing which points to use, and when, and how, depends on individual patients, and is a significant clinical skill which takes years of study and practice to get right.

Now I shall answer this as a woman. I first read your question late at night. I shut my PC down and went to bed but, could not sleep thinking about it. I wondered, however, if I had been asleep years ago when emancipation grew into feminism, if I had imagined the social/political/attitudinal changes that gradually gave women certain human rights; rights women and men fought and sometimes died for. The same rights that allowed you the freedom to have enough education to be able to use the computer you wrote this question on.

I say to you what I said to my (now grown up) daughters. No-one has the right to tell you what to do with your body. No doctor, priest, parent, or teacher. No sibling, spouse, colleague, friend, guru, politician, celebrity. You have the inalienable right to self-determination and autonomy. Your boyfriend, even if he were your husband, has no right to determine what you do or don&#39t do on any level, but especially not your reproductive behaviour. Sister, I respectfully advise you to wake up and smell the coffee, and consider the implications of your circumstances; to free yourself from self-imposed tyranny; and to do it soon. Like, as soon as you have got to the full stop at the end of this sentence.



Your answer to the problem is very correct. As an acupuncturist I support your comment that Acupuncture points will not do anything aganist nature.

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