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Spinal subluxtion


my occipatl and c1 and others, my coccyx and some thoraic and lumbar were conditions from a bus accident, also a childhood football injury to my neck which is why I have consulted a chiroprator. my questions are as follows and once again thank-you for your time and input:

does reflexology, accupunture help restore normalcy to my body?

everyday pain I am a laborer by choice and it hurts dearly that I cannot function without lethal effort and I am using literal efficiency in describing this action. I hope to understand enough to help myself and in doing so help others. If self-help masterfully applied and practiced and true masters of this healing method and others are learnable I will not give up reaching the pinnacle of wellness and healthy lifestyle.


Acupuncture and associated techniques such as tui na (Chinese Medical Massage) and qigong (Medical Energywork) are all extremely valuable against any type of pain/structural issue. You should consult with a practitioner locally and receive at least 3-5 treatments to see how you do.

While intended for practitioners, you can consult our acupuncture for neck pain page as well as our general neck pain conditions page.


Gentle Yoga or Qigong would be great to keep the body limber. By beginning with gentle type poses and movements, the body eases into a routine. Some modifications may have to be made to certain poses, at first. Then, you can move into actual positions that assist the specific area that gives you trouble. You will begin to see better range of motion. When done regularly, both will increase flexibility and eventually build strength. You should check with your local areas Yoga or Qigong instructors. See what types of classes they offer. Just remember to begin slowly and gently.


Dear Thomas Kent,

Answer is yes,

A of looking at spinal vertebrae is:

Co +S5 +S4 +S3+ S2+S1 =>Water

L5 to . T12 => Metal

T11. . to . T6 => Earth

T5. . . . to. .C7=> Wood

C6. . . . .to .C1 + Brain => Fire

Each element has 6 energies

L5 is thus coldness of Metal


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