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Spiking Blood Pressure/Perimenopause /Phlegm


I have been diagnosed as being premenopausal at the age of 39. I am now 40 years old. My body has been going through so many changes. I have done so many tests recommended by the allopathic doctors but no resolve. I need help with the following. Heavy congested feeling on the right side of the head accompanied by tenderness just in front of the ear, behind the ear, pain behind the eye, accumulation of mucus coming out of the eye especially overnight, watery eyes, strange sensations on the right side of the head. My head is congested and sometimes I feel an ease after I bring up some mucus. I hear a tingling in the head or throbbing sometimes. My MRI for brain and cervical spine were clear.
Also my blood pressure has been spiking. At times the both figures shoot up 10/20 points as I sit or stand up in the matter of a few seconds. I am currently using Micardis Plus 80/12.5mg for the bp. Also diagnosed with diverticulitis. I have had a few minor bleeds but experience the left side pains at times along with swollen ankles. My cholesterol is a bit high and doctors wanted me to start on statins which give me terrible body pains. They say the anxiety/nervousness etc is all part of the menopause. I have changed my diet and started walking. I need to know what to do to bring back balance to my body. Also what foods I should eat and herbs I should use. Thanks


You would do best to consult directly with a practitioner as it is far more effective to see someone who can physically inspect you and follow you over time. Potentially a consult with a cardiologist to check the circulation through your neck might not be a bad idea as well.

As far as diet goes, most people are going to do best with any of the anti-inflammatory diets such as the Mediterranean diet. But your practitioner would be able to more directly tailor your diet to your needs in Chinese Medicine terms.

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