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Spasmodic torticollis acupuncture protocol ? what would you suggest?


Hello, if anyone can relate or help me find a protocol for Spasmodic torticollis, using any type of technique. and any herbal formula.. curiousity hit me after recieving an email with a caps saying HELP! Patient has tried everythign except Acupuncture, i like to do my homework and see what i can do, so please if anyone can help me find a protocol or an herbal formula i would greatly appreciate it




This is largely a neurological condition and not a local nerve issue so I would suggest you first see your patient and diagnose them correctly in TCM terms. Once you have more information about them and a clear diagnosis for them overall write back and we can offer more input.


I would Gua Sha the neck and shoulders- be sure to tell the patient what it will look like-

There are several formulas that come to mind but you need to differentiate the pattern and decide from there- like wise the Acupuncture points.

David Appleton


If the patient&#39s pressure pain on UB channel, the basic points: Si3, Ub60, 10, 11.

If the patient&#39s pressure pain on Sj channel , the basic points: Sj5,17, Gb20, 39.

Then you can add some ashi points.


Thank you all for your responds..


Have you looked up some scalp points- specifically found and researched by a neurologist. There are points that correlate with the nervous system.

Also, most nervous system issues, esp spasms or involuntary movement are From Liver wind. You can diagnose the root and also treat for liver wind. ( for example - liver blood def can lead to liver wind.)



I&#39d like to suggest you a Troa Osteopathy treatment, and Auriculotherapy as well, as I&#39ve found out the latter to be quite effective for this kind of problems, using the cervical area points on the ipolateral side (the ear on the hurting side of the body).

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