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Spasmen after treatment


I have a patient with Multiple Sclerosis (already 25 years). I do treat her with Shiatsu, half an hour per week. We made a lot of progress, that is to say,her right eye sight came from 20 tot 40%!. Also the pain in the lower back when rising in the morning has disappeared. The thing which worries me is that, after treatment, she suffers from severe muscle spasmen/cramps in her legs. I did try UB 40 and GB 34, but no results. Does anybody know whether this is common? Spasmen are one of the things with MS, I know, but the extra spasmen after treatment is unknown to me. And, second question: are there any tips to reduce them?

Thank you.

Kitty Liefting/Holland


I just answered a similar question in an email for an ALS patient. Yes, this is somewhat common after treatment. Conditions which involve loss of muscle control make tremendous amounts of tension in certain muscle segments to compensate for the loss of control. The back and legs in many cases are under lots of tension to control walking, standing, etc. which are actually quite complicated tasks that we take for granted. When you loosen these holding patterns with Shiatsu the body has to use some of the weaker muscles and rebalance the level of tension in these patterns. Over the long-term this helps to stop muscle atrophy and helps to keep connections active to parts of the body that have weakened communication from the condition. In the short-term this can cause some instability in the person for a day or so after treatment.

In my experience this is often short lived. Over the course of treatment this "side effect" very often ceases or becomes very minimal. This depends greatly on each case and the severity of the neurological/muscle damage. Personally I expect some of this for the first month to perhaps even 6 months of treatment in some severe cases, but it will eventually stop or become very minor. This incidentally also happens to less noticeable degrees in people with long term back, hip, knee, etc. issues for the same reasons. It&#39s just less noticeable because the body adjusts faster.

How many times have you treated her? And does this happen everytime?


Thank you very much for the clear explanation. I treated her now 9 times. Another amazing effect is that after 3 or 4 times she felt her feet again. Something she did not feel for the last five years. As a result of this she started to walk again, little by little and now she can walk for abt. 15 minutes behind a rollator. Before her treatments she was outdoors only in her booster (hope my English is understandable ..).




Calf Muscle Spasms - K 1 + Ub 57 + Ub 64

- UB 63 + GB 40

- PC 3 , UB 67, UB 18, UB 38, UB 39 - UB 38 abd 39 also help in constipation.

Constipation - K 6 + TW 6

- PC 7 + TW 5 + TW 6

- St 36 + TW 6

- Sp 6 + St 36

- Sp6 + St 36 + St 25 ( Front Mu Point of Li ) + UB 25 ( Back Shu Point of Li ) + Sp 15


I am glad to say that for the first time now in 2,5 months time my Multiple Sclerosis patient did not have any spasmen/cramps after treatment. So is was something that went away when her body was adapted to the treatment and recovers. Thank you for the explanation which made it easier to understand, however, not less painful.

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