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SP 10 Stabbing Pain


Does anyone have suggestions for anything I can do for stabbing pain in SP 10? I am post-mense, ending upper respiratory viral illness, laryngitis (no pain). The pain in Sp 10 goes all the way down my calf (and sometimes there is mirror image pain along the GB channel from outside the knee to my foot). About 2 days now.


The "mirror image" pain goes from about GB 33 to GB 41 (although, SP channel pain stops about mid-calf).


From the symptoms you described, this could be just about anything from a tendon issue to something on a more energetic front. I would, obviously, recommend that you have acupuncture if it is bothering you considerably - a full body western massage may also be helpful.


Maybe you need further examination of blood, excluding the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis.

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