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Some Help Please


I've been interested heavily into chinese medicine for a few months now. Just going over my symptoms and seeing what deficiencys of which yin/yang/qi/essence substance they seemed to be deficient in but I really wanted a more in depth perspective or opinion.

Basically I have ALWAYS ALWAYS been underweight and found it impossible to put on weight, I was born with a concaved chest (which means the center of it was sunken in. I recently had surgery to repair that and it made me a little more confident) I masturbated a lot when I was younger which I now found out. AWFUL move. I suffer from a bad case of PE (premature ejaculation) right now which bothers me DAILY. Just tears me up. On top of all of this I have acne, mainly on my cheeks and along the jawline and a little on neck every now and then. So my first thought is.... hyperthyroidism. I never actually got a thyroid scan done but it's something that I think I suffer from. Everything that I have read points to an excess of heat (I sweat easily, bulging eyes, heart palpations, excess hunger and thirst, impossible to gain weight despite how much I eat and I NEVER stay full for a long period of time, scarse amount of body hair, extreme dizziness a lot of the time when I stand up) . There are just so many symptoms that I feel I have for a yin deficiency but I know many sites say that a yang deficiency is what causes PE so Im a little confused. Actually very confused. Any information in depth would be a blessing. Thanks for reading


It's not uncommon to have mixed syndromes. When you see a practitioner your issues are only part of the equation in forming a diagnosis - the tongue, pulse, perhaps abdominal diagnosis, palpatory diagnosis and just simply looking and listening to you help form the rest. Symptom wise there can be discrepancies, but we are looking for the "root" cause and those other tools help us to do that.

From what you have said, however, you should definitely get a thyroid panel done by your physician so that you know what you are working for. Thyroid conditions can be treated with acupuncture and/or herbal medicine, but you want to use the western tests to know exactly what you are working with. Plus having a medical test reveal a base line allows you to test the effectiveness of the treatments when you retest months later.

With regards to PE specifically, anxiety can cause that just as much (if not more) as yang deficiency can - so it can also be a symptom of yin deficiency which would fit with everything else.

I recommend you consult with your physician, get some basic tests done, get their opinion of what to do, and then take these to a practitioner of Chinese Medicine in your area and begin a round of treatments (assuming that is the route you prefer to take).


you have concaved chest which mean you have abnormal shape of your heart or some other internal organs, you have a surgery is very good. and you need go on check your internal organs functions from western doctors. if night time sweat means yin deficiency, if day time sweating means Qi deficiency which mean breath difficult to get energy.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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