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Some advice please - pain


I apologize in advance if this particular question has been asked before, I did not see anything on the board.

So, I am about 10 hours into the first day of my period and I am having very, very intense cramps (feels like my uterus is tearing out of me), urgent and frequent bowel movements, period was about 9 days late this month and am quite nauseous. I seem to feel temporarily better when eating. I was feeling quite cold around my legs and feet although now I am very hot, so fluctuating temperature. I was having many heat symptoms for the month before my period. Flow is neither heavy or light - I would say average. Taking cinnamon and cardamon isn't helping - it has in the past. Also have a sinking feeling around my heart and arms feel weak. My tongue is pale red with deep red tip. No coating. My complexion appears healthy - not really red or pale.

Thanks for taking the time to read this...hope you can offer some guidance. Please note that I do not take herbs that contain animals.


If this is a somewhat regular occurence (even if it&#39s far more mild than this time) you should, of course, be working with a practitioner locally rather than trying to treat yourself. Generally within 3 months of treatments the majority of these issues in mild to moderate cases can be alleviated or greatly reduced more or less permanently. If you follow the link for dysmenorrhea that was created automatically when you made your posting you should find the majority of the articles, discussions and treatment information for that condition. Generally moxibustion can be quite helpful for menstrual cramps as can PC 6 for nausea, SP 6 for cramps and LV 3 used with acupressure or acupuncture. You should however have the root of these issues properly treated and seeing a practitioner for a short while will go a long way towards helping this.


This PMS excess blood heat pain, use points: Ren3, Sp10, Li11, St29, Lv3 & Kd5, and during period not eat too much salty food.


Thanks kindly. Are there any herbs that I could try taking? Acupuncturist mentioned last time I saw her that I was deficient in "essence/jing" (just slightly) and "fluids". I am also prone to blood stagnation, so no herbs that might disrupt that balance.

: )


I would also read all the info at the link. Thanks for that info.

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