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Sollux lamp for moxa


I was looking for smokelss moxa alternatives. “Smokeless moxa” stinks much worse than anything, but with chemicals and carbon instead of herb smoke. There are also very expensive lamps which I can’t afford. But I wanted to ask if normal sollux lamp will be good enough for mild moxa, what do you think? Something like this

Or this:


There is a unique aspect of the burning of moxa that cannot be replicated. If it was just the heat of burning it you could use virtually anything. I’ve experimented with burning other random herbs, barks, even a paper towel roll once, and again none of them created the same feeling that moxa does. I’ve used a variety of different heat lamps in previous practices and can tell you for certain that they do not create the same sensation that burning moxa does. My best advice is to either find a place outside to do it or do it in the bathroom (assuming you have a working vent and fan there). I haven’t ever used a sollux lamp but I very much doubt it will substitute for authentic moxa. Good luck!

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