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soft tissue sarcoma - herb suggestions

I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. I have a recurring soft tissue sarcoma which has moved to groin lymph nodes. Need suggestions for herbs to use for blood and tumors. thanks

As a practitioner, you know that this is a complex question to answer with such limited information. What I would guide you towards in treating yourself, first and foremost, is to talk to yourself just like you would any of your patients. First, come to an overall diagnosis in TCM terms, look for relationships to this specific outcome, and design your treatment approach based on all of that information (generally too much to share online).

Even the word “recurring” is difficult to work into a workable approach - does that mean you have had it surgically excised and it has returned, or some other treatment, or it has waxed and waned in size on its own? Or does it mean one was treated and it showed up in the “same” or “similar” area later, etc. All of that information is generally required (again, too much to share online) to come up with an appropriately tailored approach.

Without all of that in the consideration you will only get general responses which might end up being what you need, but likely will not. In other words, don’t just go for the categories that seem to fit the issue (i.e. dissipate nodules, etc.) - go for the whole package.

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