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Good morning,

I am a 33 year old female and suffering from Social Phobia. I always was shy as a child but in primary school I remember I loved to preform poems and things like that. The older I get the more I get the problem with social situations. Until the point that I sat in school and said almost nothing. Just hoping the teacher wouldn’t ask me nothing. And if yes I got extremely embarrassed. My heart was beating like crazy, my face blushed red and my hands begun to trembling and sweeting. Also I got this feelings in gatherings (5 or more people). I eventually just felt well in a one to one contact. Then 3 years ago I found my way to yoga. And I have to say this helps me a lot to gain more confidence and to master my everydays life. But the problem when I am in a group situation to discuss something still remains. I fell dull in my head. Just thinking what the others are thinking about me. Unable to speak. I then can’t think clearly and I am unable to stay focused. Blackout! To cover this up I even drunk alcohol to be able to get through this situation. This is just horrible! And I know for sure that alcohol isn’t a solution and the other day I hate me for that. But sometimes I can see no other way out.
I am a slim person with red hairs and a lot of freckles (I hated those and my red hairs. since I am doing yoga I am feeling pretty comfortable with it)
In Ayurveda you would say I am definitely the Pitta Typ. :wink:
I have almost always have cold hands and feet. And every morning I have to spell out a lot of phlegm.
I have Vitiligo under my eyes.
I also suffered from migraine with aura but I haven’t had this since 2 years. Which I guess is due to my yoga practise.
I am emotional but suppress this part of me since I learnt that from my parents. I know that’s not a good behavior. But when showing my feelings I feel often guilty. I think that I am a firely person but maybe this is all chocked by a lot of water. I don’t know.
Maybe you can help me with an advice for TCM herbs to improve my situation. That would be nice since I notice that this condition holds me away from my life. I would love to make the teacher trainer in yoga and other things. But this crap holds me back from actual living.
Thanks a lot in advance!


These are generally very treatable issues. I would suggest you find a practitioner in your local area who does both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and work closely with them. It is very hard to diagnose people over the internet appropriately, just in general terms, but also without asking them a million questions the answers to which they wouldn’t necessarily want on the internet. You will best served by finding a practitioner. I would also suggest, if possible, that you find a therapist in your area who practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) - that along with acupuncture and Chinese herbs will accomplish quite a bit.


Thank you for your kind advice. I actually have arranged an appointment by a chinese practitioner. But I guess she treads only with herbs not with acupuncture. Is this also as effective?


With a good herbalist you should get good results.

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