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Smoking Cessation


I am trying to help a coworker quit smoking and find alt treatments other than nicotine gum. How effective is acupuncture in treating this addiction? Is there literature that explains how acupuncture/herbs can help?


As pointed out in a previous response, smoking is a complex condition that has many underlying causes. Accordingly, clinical research done with relatively or entirely fixed protocols is mixed. The majority of the patients I treat within my clinic do extremely well, and this is true for my colleagues. The results, however, are because we are flexible in the treatments so we can account for their individual mix of symptoms.

Herbal medicine, in general, plays a small role in smoking cessation with acupuncture being superior in most cases. But, again, this depends on the person and their symptoms as underlying causes such as anxiety, for example, may benefit from both acupuncture and herbs.

Here are a few studies of interest:

* auricular meta-analysis.
* auricular acupuncture and counseling.

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