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Small intestine malabsorption and rapid transit


I have a new patient who is suffering from digestive issues. His transit time is very rapid and he experiences pain 1 1/2 hours after eating that is accompanied with severe gas that is difficult to eliminate. He also suffers from atrial fibrillation. I don't know if these two are connected but would love some input from anyone who has experience treating digestive issues. Thanks.


This may gastric ulcer, may have different patterns, should detail diagnosis, or check in hospital, basic points: Ren12, Pc6, St36, St34, Li4, Sp4, etc..


Feng Mei,

Thanks for your input. The patient has had all kinds of tests and scopes but everything has come up negative. He is frustrated by western medicine and is seeking an alternative.


What signs and symptoms does he have from a Chinese Medicine diagnosis? What points and herbal formulas have you tried already? With more precise clinical TCM information we can make better recommendations.

Generally though the one connection I can see from our system is the vagus nerve (which has mild involvement in the heart and lungs and great involvement in the abdomen). Along with appropriate points and possible herbal formulas we usually do strong tuina on the ST 10/11/12 area to regulate the function of the vagus nerve.

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