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Small intestine damp heat


Hello, does anyone know which acupuncture points should be used to treat damp heat in the small intestine please? I couldn’t find it on the website. Thanks


I’m not familiar with the pattern of damp heat in the small intestine. None of my textbooks nor any of my teachers ever covered it as a TCM diagnosis, which may be why you are having trouble finding points to treat it. Did you mean damp heat in the large intestine? What are the key signs and symptoms?


It would be helpful to see what symptoms and signs as @Stephen mentioned. Generally, however, you would have bloating, diarrhea, ungroundedness, damp-heat signs such as urinary pain/dark urine. A red tongue, yellow coat.

Points wise you would consider all or some of the following:

SP 9 (dampness), ST 37 (excess st/sp), ST 39 and UB 27 (si issues), ST 25 (intestines/damp heat), ST 28 (move damp from lower warmer) and the huatuo of T7 (spleen/blood), T11 (small intestine) and S2 (bladder).

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