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Small botches on the whites of the eyes


hello, i'm wondering if you can give me some information on small black/grey blotches on the whites of the eyes. what are they? how do they arise? what can be done to lessen/remove them?

thank you,



Blue/grey splotches on the whites of the eyes generally have little or no clinical significance. As we age the sclera thins naturally and will in some people allow some different colors to come through. In western terms this may be indicated as a "scleral plaque". From a western perspective there is nothing that needs to be done should they arise.

In Chinese Medicine the eyes have strong relationships with both the liver and kidney meridians. Generally liver patterns involve redness, dryness, or some kind of heat involved pathology and kidney patterns may be due to general age or a deficiency that has developed from illness or trauma. You can see the most basic eye patterns on the "ten questions" page.

As always you -never- use one symptom to form a diagnosis within Chinese medical terms. So if you take into consideration the eye issues (i.e. KD and/or LV patterns) and then perform all of the other TCM diagnostic procedures you will fall into a pattern that you can treat. You could of course consider adding eye related points such as those that are listed in the acupuncture for eye and vision disorders treatment page should they fit within the diagnostic pattern.


thank you very much for the information. i'm more settled now that i know they are not dangerous.

my son has a few on each eye. he's 4.5 years old and suffers from eczema. i have a suspicion that the eye patches might be related to his eczema. it has been mild for the first three years of his life but this last year the eczema will not heal and it's almost like it itches like it's on fire (he will not stop scratching until blood is streaming down his legs). he has eczema on his neck, insides of elbow, in his crotch area and behind his knees. just before he catches a cold he gets dry patches of skin around his eyes.

in the past my tcm doctor has been able to control the eczema effectively but now my son refuses anymore needles and herbs, and so i feel so helpless. i have to pin down his legs, arms and head on the table while the tcm doctor quickly inserts and removes the needles, he also removes the cups that are applied. she has diagnosed him with 'blood heat' and recommended no beef or shellfish. he has many food allergies too and my tcm doctor said that he would most likely develop seasonal allergies when he gets older as his lungs are weak.

after i saw how effective tcm has been for my son's eczema, and disappointed at how he refuses anymore treatments, i have looked into other natural remedies. i have a feeling his liver might be congested and i would like to cleanse it and also i wonder if he suffers from an overgrowth of candida (he had three rounds of anibiotics as an infant). i try my best not to feed him any 'warming' foods. we have installed a water softener, i tried to oxygenate his body with a drop of h2o2 in water but now he's suspicous of any water i give him. i push on some acupressure points after he's fallen asleep (lv2, li4, li11, down his spine, behind his knee, behind his neck and kd3). i think i'm confusing myself however and would like to formally study tcm after my kids are grown. but for the time being is there anything you can recommend that i can use to gently cleanse my son and treat his eczema?

other than tcm, the only thing that seems to help is visiting vancouver, bc. it clears up within a week of visiting there. we live in calgary, ab where it's very dry. moving to vancouver is not a viable option for us but we have given it serious thought and it has been on our minds for the last year.

sorry this message has such a sad violin tone to it. i trust this site and your knowledge and hope you can offer some guidance.

thank you,



I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time with your child. Pediatric ezcema can certainly be tricky and treating younger children with acupuncture and herbs can also be difficult depending on the practitioner and the techniques they use. The vast majority of children that come into our clinic love the experience, but you certainly have to read each one and ease them into it at times. If you ignore their hesitations you are likely to make them biased against the treatments which seems to have happened here.

A couple questions, one - have you tried standard western treatments? I'm curious if he responds to them and to what degree if so. Have you tried the use of probiotics? There are studies that show some effectiveness in pediatric ezcema and the treatment is widely used in europe.

With regards to TCM theory, acupuncture, and herbs, I have a few things to say. First, I'm not sure how your son was administered herbs but if it was raw herbs as teas it's no surprise that he won't take them. They generally taste horrible and even for adults it can be difficult to get them to take them regularly. There is a standard "patent" remedy for eczema which may be what you tried already - but it comes in pill form and may be easier to take. It is hua she jie yang wan. You can find online suppliers yourself, but he should probably only use it at the advice of someone who has actually seen him.

For acupressure, I would focus on the following areas:

The huatuo area (just next to the spine on either side) of T1, T2, T3, T4, and on the right side of T7, LI 11, SP 10, SP 6. This comes from the Tam Healing System that I primarily utilize. To explain briefly, T1, 2, and 3 are for the immune system overall (bone marrow, thymus gland, and lung and lymph systems respectively), T4 controls the breasts, sweat glands, and hair follicles (useful for any skin conditions), T7 on the right innervates the abdmonial blood vessels (useful for any condition related to blood issues - both western and TCM). We often use Tong Ren Therapy on Children (well everyone, but with Children it is a good choice) and this is the energy healing part of the healing system (we would needle, perform tuina, and use qi gong all on the same points). Tong Ren is something you could learn (it's very easy) and perform that on him a few times a week. There are books listed in our store (with excerpts) and some videos in the Tong Ren video section. In my experience no child has ever been bothered by Tong Ren, they are more intriqued if anything and they often make good practitioners as well.

The only other thing that I would mention is that we do not firmly believe in the Candida syndrome and a child is not very likely to be "toxic" even with exposure to western medications and the like. So I would restrict certain foods based on the TCM principles your doctor recommended and, of course, have him try to eat healthy - but children need a range of food and they need to develop an enjoyment for it as well. I wouldn't be too hard on him in the dietary arena. Let him make choices and watch what he likes and dislikes for clues as to what is best for him. In my experience more people develop allergies and/or immune issues from restricted diets than those that are helped. That's just my opinion though...

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